Wednesday, July 20, 2011

takde keje


Mase kecik2..
Bila sebut cita2..
trus terbayangkan untuk jadi ini...



Inspektor Polis Wanita. Inspektor Farah!!!

Machooooo ahhhh...
Mungkin darah polis arwah abah mengalir dalam diri..
tp skarang, darah hospital mamaku yg kuat mengalir dlm diri aku..
ape2pon ini smua rezeki..
memang tak layak pon nak jadi POLIS..
badan pon sgtttt COMEL. ade hati nak jadi polis..

hurmmm..takde pape nak crita sbnrnye..
ingt nak post pasal Ramadhan..
tp rase lmbt lg..
lambat lagi??

beberapa hari lagi laa maksud aku.. :)
skarang dh akhir Syaaban..
Banyakkan Istighfar yea..
Banyakkan sabar..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the eternal L.O.V.E

Happy 3rd Anniversary (060708 - 060711)

I never ever tot that we would make it till dis far. Three blissful-full years!
I can’t believe it has been three years already.
Oh time flies so fast. Walking and ticking like 240km/h everyday.

How life seems to be going so slow at first and now looking back at where we just started.
It's superb-ful. and still of cos the ups and downs happened. and It all depends on how the two of us are willing to converse again and then go on and on and on till the sea never touches the sand.

Yes him. Lebahku. My Bee

Anyway, am happy. am glad becoz I chose him as my future partner. still, no one is perfect.

Mohd Hafiz Abd Halim & Nurfarhana Mohamed Rusli

yeeaahhhh i know i cannot find my Mr right perfect man.
but he is perfect for me. err, i mean my pREfect. :D

He compliments me very much. He shuts down my anger. He controls my bad habit. He sacrifices a lot and the vital one is, he accept me as well =)

However, he also need a little push here and there sometimes from me.
See, we compliment each other. :P

the holy faces when we were young. the early relationship.

Mama always says, "Jodoh Allah dah tetapkan. Tak semestinya org yg kita sayang ini jodoh kita. Bercinta lama2 pon belum tentu dia milik kita. Doa banyak2 and start istiqarah, Farah!!!"

And yes mama, im following ur words. Hafiz n me are now in long distance relationship. Hardly to meet up, hang out, cinema out and if i met him, mama juz gives me about 1-3 hours only and shud have accompany.

Mama is not a 'narrow minded' person but i know, mama did this for me becoz she loves me.

3 Years. We celebrate our anniversary and look to the future.
Let’s focus on loving each other, heart and soul.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this rambling post is, I want to thank him for sticking his heart with me in these few years. and am not promoting him as the Prince Charming. but i really wish that our eternal love ends with serious holy bond.

and so true that we are preparing for our big day slowly.
slowly becoz not at dis nearest year.

and what i believe the most is, the words from my mum :-

"Kita merancang yang terbaik, tetapi perancangan ALLAH adalah yang paling sensitive, specific & accurate"

"Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry"

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